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     Wesley D. Hutchins is the founder and owner of The Hutchins Law Firm, P.C. Wes is for the most part a general practitioner, with nearly 20 years of litigation experience, however, he has numerous areas of specialization, including: Adoptions, Personal Injury, General Litigation, Insurance Defense, Contracts, Collections, Mediation, and Arbitration. He is blessed to have a talented,  multi tasking paralegal/office manager working for him, who is equally (if not more) skilled and talented in a myriad of legal issues.  She is Rebecca A. Hutchins and she can be reached at  Wes can be reached at  When he's not working on your case, he loves spending time in his backyard koi ponds, playing with his family, or being in the mountains of Utah and Colorado.
     Though many of his days are filled with the ups and downs of navigating our judicial system, which hinges upon the adversarial process, and even though he loves donning his battle armor to go to war in the courtroom for his clients, over the years Wes has enjoyed building a thriving adoption practice.  Wes is the Chairman of the Advisory Board for The Adoption Exchange (Utah), and a Member of the Board of Directors for The Adoption Exchange (Denver, Colorado).  He is also the former president of the Utah Adoption Council and the current president of the Utah Council for Ethical Adoption Practices.  Assisting many clients to grow their families through adoption, and doing so while keeping expenses comparatively low, has become a source of extraordinary personal and professional satisfaction for Wes. 


Mailing Address:

6751 South Adventure Way

West Jordan, UT   84081


Phone: 801-969-0104
Fax: 801-618-4251

Office Hours: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (except when you need us... 24/7)

Legal Fees:

     The Hutchins Law Firm, P.C. strives to provide top-notch legal services at affordable rates. Access to such services should not break the bank! Rates are competitive, ranging from $150 to $240 per hour for Wes Hutchins, and $60 to $85 per hour for paralegals. Major credit cards are accepted.

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